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Welcome to SpiritLyric.com!

I have created this website so you can listen to a very special song titled, "Until We're Together Again."

My intentions are simply to reassure you that your loved on is happy and safe on the other side, and for you to know that you will be together again.

Before you listen to the song, please take a moment to read
"The Story" behind it all, and be sure to sign the guestbook to let me know you stopped by!

Thank you,
Kathy Cochran

We are pleased to announce that on 11/10/13, Norwegian artist, Birger Hemdal, released
a beautiful cover of "Until We're Together Again," and produced
an incredibly touching music video to accompany it. 

Please check it out below and let him know what you think on Youtube!

Or to learn more about this talented young artist, please visit him on Facebook.