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Katherine and Mark Cochran
My name is Katherine Jean Cochran, and I was born July 4, 1972 in the US Army Hospital at West Point, New York.  My father graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1964 and is a retired Lt. Colonel.  My mother is a retired bookkeeper.   My parents have been married for nearly 50 years and are my closest friends.

I have two older brothers, Michael and Greg.  Michael is a lead video game designer for a Nintendo company based in Texas.  Greg is CEO of a construction company in Florida.  Both brothers are happily married with two children each. 

On October 18, 1997, I married Mark Jefferson Cochran.  Mark is a supervisor at an accounting firm and is a licensed PGA Golf Pro.  I am a senior sales specialist for a large industrial supply company.  Mark and I are actively involved in Shetland Sheepdog Rescue, providing a hospice for elderly and dying Shelties.
The Cochran Shelties Christmas 2005
The Cochran Shelties - Christmas 2005
I know you are wondering - it took over 2 hours to get this photo.

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And the rest of the story:  There's no easy or short way to write it all, so I'll just let the words flow. 

Let's just say I have always been "intuitive."  There have been numerous times throughout my life that I believe I have been "touched" or "given knowledge" about something or other.  The first memory I have is when I was approx. 3-4 years old.  I remember sitting in my bedroom, looking at a book about Adam and Eve that had pictures of angels on the inside cover.  I remember being given the vision of space - and the light from the stars - and hearing (though not audible) a voice telling me I was okay and everything was right.  It was familiar and comforting, and I knew it was coming from the place "I" had come from.

At age 15 I had a horrible dream that my dog, Poco, was dying.  I awoke, crying, only to get out of bed to find Poco having a seizure ouside my room.

At age 19 I had a dream about a young man who was nothing more than an acquaintance.  I dreamed that I was married to him, and had 3 children (2 boys and a girl).  After a couple of weeks of not being able to think about anything other than that dream, I decided to call him.  That day turned out to be his 26th birthday and he thought I was simply calling to say "happy birthday."  We were married 6 years later.  After 2 years of marriage, I happily exclaimed to him one night, "Honey, look!  Here are the 2 boys and girl I dreamed about!"  Of course, it was our Shelties, but it was still the 2 boys and 1 girl that we considered to be our "kids."  Q, Cindy and Runt were the originals.  We cannot have "human" children ourselves.

Although there have been many moments through the years that I have felt a special "presence" or "knowledge," the most incredible experience was at age 33, on June 14th, 2005.   I had undergone major surgery the day before and was to be in the hospital a few days.  My parents stopped by the evening of the surgery to say hello.  Of course, I was pretty drugged up, but I remember mom sitting on the edge of my bed and dad sitting in the chair next to me.  Dad wasn't feeling well, so he went home and mom followed about 15 minutes later.  It was a nice visit.  The next morning was a different story. 

I woke, had breakfast and was waiting for the Doctor to visit.  Suddenly, I felt an urgency to call mom.  When I realized I could not dial direct from the hospital because it was long distance, I called my mother-in-law and asked her to call my mom.  After a few minutes, the panic started setting in, so I called my office and asked one of my co-workers to "conference" me in with my mother.  Mom answered and said, "Hi sweetheart, you're awake!   Can I call you back in a few minutes?"  I said, "sure, is everything okay?"  She said, "Yes, I'll call you back in a minute, okay?"  By this time I was crying hysterically and telling mom that I didn't know what was wrong with me.  Little did I know that at that "very" moment, my dad was collapsing and calling to her.

Within 2 minutes of talking to mom, my Doctor arrived to do his post surgical check-up.  He asked  what was was going on and I told him that I just didn't know. All I knew was that I felt something was terribly wrong.  He patted my foot and told me that he would prescribe a sedative for me.  Although he tried consoling me by telling me everything would be okay, he had quite a puzzled look on his face because of the way I was acting.  All he could say was I must be having some sort of stress reaction to the surgery.  He told me the nurse would be up in a minute to sedate me and then he left.

Minutes later, I received a call from mom telling me that dad had been taken by ambulance to their local hospital; they didn't know what was wrong, but knew his life was in danger.  My reaction must have been emotional because nurses came rushing into my room to restrain me.  One of the nurses paged Dr. Bowles.  Within a minute, he called back and told me he would release me but I was to call him later in the day so he could be informed of what was happening.  My husband came minutes later to pick me up at the hospital, only to rush me over to dad's bedside at a different hospital. 

My father survived a ruptured abdominal aorta, a condition he should not have survived.  One week later, at my post-surgical checkup, Dr. Bowles told me that he truly believes I had a premonition of my father's emergency condition.
Kathy and Dad Christmas 20051
Dad and Kat - Christmas 2005
Click here to read the presentation my father was asked to give the hospital.

On the first of July 2006, dad and I decided to go fishing on Lake Eustis.  After 4 hours of not catching anything, we decided to call it a day.   As we were leaving, we noticed a big event taking place next to the dock.  It was a Spiritual Connections Fair featuring many well known psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, and was being broadcast on a well known radio station.  Dad and I went home, but "I" returned a few hours later with a very reluctant mother and mother-in-law.  My mom offered to treat me to a "reading" for my birthday and I was allowed to choose the medium.  A woman named Barbara stood out to me and within minutes, she and I sat down at a table - joined by my rather curious mother and mother-in-law. 

Barbara had no knowledge of my songwriting but proceeded to tell me that I have the ability to channel spirits without even knowing it, and the words I channel are meant for the world to hear.  After the reading, we told Barbara of the song (which was due to be rehearsed the very next day) and she said there was no doubt this is what she had seen.  Now that the song has been recorded and she has heard it, here is her vision:

"This is just the beginning...for this song, and, in some ways, for you, too."

(Barbara can be reached at:  revbarb02@yahoo.com

Mom and Kat - Christmas 2006
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