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Tiffany Coburn Tiffany Coburn - Vocalist
Tiffany is as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside.  Aside from being the featured soprano for Epcot's Voices of Liberty, she is often specially requested to do notable events including the funeral service for PGA golfer Payne Stewart.  From the beginning, Tiffany understood what she would represent by performing this song and was immediately drawn to the project.

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Charlie Bertini

Charlie Bertini - Producer
As president of his own label, Applejazz Records, Charlie is an extremely gifted musician and very experienced Producer.  Not only did he play trumpet for "Until We're Together Again" but he coordinated everything, right down from choosing the musicians to approving the CD layout.  This album was only made possible because of Charlie's true God-given talent and belief in the project.

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Greg Sims
Greg Sims - Orchestration/Arrangement
Greg's credits are too numerous to list.  His inspired music has been broadcast on many well known TV Shows, such as Friends, Days of our Lives and ABC Monday night football.  He has won awards and written scores for movies and has composed and produced for Harpo Productions (yes, Oprah Winfrey).  Greg is the one responsible for writing the first class score for "Until We're Together Again."

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Carol Stein
Carol Stein - Musical Director
Carol not only played the piano for "Until We're Together Again" but she acted as Musical Director for the final version.  Carol knows this song "inside and out", as she arranged the music for the original demo.  She has played in over 20 different countries and has a couple of CDs out, which I personally own....and they are fantastic!

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William Cooley
William Cooley - Adaptation

William is the lead singer for a band called "High Octane" and is a very talented individual who can write music for any instrument.  William is the one who charted the original notes of the vocal melody for the demo (based on my terrible singing).

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Veit Renn
Veit Renn - Mixing
Veit is a multi-platinum producer, songwriter and engineer.  He has produced for such notable artists as NSync, The Backstreet Boys and most recently American Idol finalist and star of Dreamgirls, Jennifer Hudson.  Veit was responsible for the incredibly delicate mixing of "Until We're Together Again".  Visit his site to see Veit and Charlie on The Today Show!

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Bob Katz
Bob Katz - Mastering
Multi grammy-award winning Bob Katz is responsible for mastering "Until We're Together Again."  Bob is considered an authority in his industry and has students fly in from all over the world to study with him.  He is well known for his book Mastering Audio and only someone with his expertise could enable this song to be of the highest quality.  Bob can be contacted through his company, Digital Domain.

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Katherine Cochran
Kathy Cochran - Composer
Although the words and melody came through me, this CD would not have been possible without the incredible talent and belief of all the people who participated in this project, as well as all the love and support I received from my family and friends.  My heartfelt thanks to every one of you.

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Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson

Charlie Bertini
Charlie Bertini

Carol Stein
Carol Stein

Kathy Thomas
Kathy Thomas
French Horn

Jeff Thomas
Jeff Thomas

Norma Huff
Norma Huff

Shelley Mathews

Joni Bjella

Lisa Ferrigno

Tiffany Coburn
Tiffany Coburn recording vocals
for "Until We're Together Again"

Tiffany Coburn
"I can do all the things I've always dreamed of"

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