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I never met Craig in person, but got to know him well through twelve years of telephone conversations and letters.  He was my husband's fraternal twin brother, who was killed in an accident January 22, 2004 at the age of 38.  For many years, Craig led a troubled life and was estranged from his family.  Only one thing remained constant during his short time here on earth, his deep love for music.  Even upon his death, a hand-written list of his favorite songs and bands was found in his pocket.
About a year after Craig's death, he came to me in a dream.  He told me it was his birthday.  I argued with him and said, "It's not your birthday!  Your birthday is on Mark's birthday - in August!"   But he insisted that it indeed was his birthday - his "birth into a happy, new life" - and that I should buy him a birthday cake.  The next day I told Mark of my dream.  He looked at me in shock and said, "I dreamed about Craig last night too!"  That was the first time either one of us had dreamt of him since he died.  We immediately told their mother about Craig's visit to us and she told us to go out and "BUY THAT CAKE!!!!"  Now Craig gets a birthday cake every January 22nd.

Although Mark does not remember much of what transpired during his dream, my dream was unusually vivid in detail, and we have since come to learn it was called an ADC (or After-Death Communication).   We firmly believe that Craig attempted to contact us both that night, but perhaps I was the one more receptive to it due to his strained family relationship.

THE MELODIES                                                         
Not long after the ADC with Craig, melodies started waking me up in the middle of the night.  Words and music came to me and there was nothing I could do but write them down.  Eventually, I slept with a recorder beside my bed so that when I awoke, I could sing the melody into the recorder and go back to sleep.  Everyone, including myself, thought this was strange because I have no musical background at all.   
I can't sing or play an instrument and, on top of that, I hardly ever listen to the radio - let alone own a CD player!  But suddenly, at age 32, I was composing four complete songs in all different genres of music.  In hindsight, everyone realizes that I was simply being prepared to receive the fifth song, "Until We're Together Again."

I immediately knew there was something special about this song.  The melody came, words came and extreme emotion accompanied it all.  I couldn't focus on anything else for the next four months.  I would wake from a sound sleep around 2 a.m., tears streaming down my face, because I could feel what was being conveyed.  I couldn't talk on the phone to anyone because all my spare time was spent writing, trying to translate the sound and emotion into an understandable language.  The only way I can describe it is to say I received this song in another language, an "emotional language," which I had to interpret.  The melody was given to me in both sound and sight.  In other words, when I heard the melody in my head, I also saw movement, allowing me to understand when something needed to go "up" or "down" within the song. 

I have always maintained this song came to me Spiritually - not from Craig - but from somewhere far greater.  I instinctively understood that everything had already been pre-orchestrated on the Other Side for the song to reach the intended recipients on this side.

I originally created this website because I understood the importance of "giving" this gift to others.  However, I did not expect to receive so many requests to buy the song, since I was already allowing everyone to hear it for free!

But every day, I receive emails from people all over the world telling me what a difference this song has made to them and, in many cases, is the only thing helping them deal
with the grief of losing their loved one.                               
All I can say, which is what I have said from the beginning, is that I believe this song came through me Spiritually and no matter how you were brought here, by accident or recommendation, I have no doubt you were guided to do so by someone who "was" and still "is" important to you. 

May you find comfort, as well as your own special message, within "Until We're Together Again."

Katherine J. Cochran